The Comedian and His Future Wife + BONUS CONTENT

The Comedian and His Future Wife + BONUS CONTENT

As well as the special "THE COMEDIAN AND HIS FUTURE WIFE"...

- you will receive a copy of the preceding eBook "DEAR FUTURE WIFE"!!! (only available on the Desktop site, not the mobile site)
- as well as the bonus footage from the DVD recording
- AND the advert Ola used for this show before the Edinburgh Fringe Festival including some celebrity cameos!

The Comedian and His Future Wife + BONUS CONTENT

5 Videos

  • The Comedian and his Future Wife

    Discover one of comedy’s rising stars in the hour-long comedy special and hilarious stand-up show, OLA: THE COMEDIAN AND HIS FUTURE WIFE. Seen on Comedy Central, ITV4, London Live and Arte, the talented comedian, writer and actor, has taken his brand of comedy all over the world to rave reviews ...

  • Edinburgh Fringe Show Surprise Easter Egg Video

    Before this recording, the show was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014. On the flyer for the show was a QR code, and if you scanned it with your smartphone, this is the video that would play.

    It's a few clips of Ola preparing the material at preview shows, audience feedback and ...

  • Post-Recording Q&A Session

    After Recording the DVD, one camera was left running as Ola took questions from the audience.

  • Thank You's

    The tape is still running whilst Ola thanks people responsible for making the project come together.

  • Retakes

    One camera is left rolling as Ola's wife calls out the bits that need re-recording. Genuine laughter as Ola tries to get his lines right.

  • DEAR FUTURE WIFE eBook.epub

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